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Hayward ColorLogic 4.0 LED Pool Light & Spa Lights

Nothing makes water more vibrant than light and color. But what separates ColorLogic 4.0 from any other lighting system is its ability to take light and color to a whole new level. ColorLogic 4.0 starts with five fixed colors that can be enhanced with seven color-changing shows. Integrate it with Pro Logic’s Network Module, and you get four additional shows with adjustable speed, motion and brightness control and a brilliant spectrum of 101 adjustable colors. It is a color palette and synchronization that is as unequaled as it is inspiring.
LED technology makes ColorLogic 4.0 the brightest and most responsive lighting system ever, so your pool comes alive. LEDs are extremely efficient and can save up to 79% on energy costs when compared to traditional pool lighting. The streamlined, sealed units are watertight and easy to install. There are no bulbs to change, no color wheels, and no moving parts for noiseless and service-free operation.
Key Bonus Features when integrating ColorLogic 4.0 with Pro Logic * Four new shows for a total of 16 which include 5 fixed colors * Customize the 5 fixed colors with up to 101 different color to match a theme or activity * Speed adjustments allow light shows to be controlled with 9 different settings * Motion control puts the lights in action to add excitement and patterns in pool and spa * Brightness control sets the intensity of the lights from 20% to 100% * Power line communication technology built into every light allows communication between single and groups of lights with no additional relays or wiring required * All white light override feature for added safety
Due to the timing of shows and sequencing of lights, ColorLogic 4.0 is not compatible with ColorLogic® Gen 2.5 lights.
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Hayward Communication Module AQL-COLOR-MODHV Hayward ColorLogic LED Communication Module | AQL-COLOR-MODHV

Hayward Communication Module AQL-COLOR-MODHV. Compatible with all Goldline Controls Pro Logic PS controls operating with software version 4.00 or greater and whose enclosures provide a cutout for installation.

Our Price: $328.00
Sale Price: $272.00
Savings: $56.00
Hayward Colorlogic Spa Light W3SP0535SLED100 Hayward ColorLogic LED Spa Light 120V 100' Cord W3SP0535SLED100

W3SP0535SLED100 Color Logic 4.0  provides brighter, more vivid colors and light shows that are energy efficient

Our Price: $879.00
Sale Price: $759.00
Savings: $120.00
Hayward ColorLogic Pool Light W3SP0527SLED50 Hayward ColorLogic Pool Light LED 120V 50' Cord W3SP0527SLED50

Hayward W3SP0527SLED50 LED Colorlogic changes colors

Our Price: $1,044.00
Sale Price: $909.00
Savings: $135.00
Hayward ColorLogic Pool Light W3SP0527SLED100 Hayward ColorLogic Pool Light LED 120V 100' Cord SP0527SLED100 W3SP0527SLED100

ColorLogic 4.0 W3SP0527SLED100 lighting incorporates innovation and technology as the leading underwater light.

Our Price: $1,099.00
Sale Price: $949.00
Savings: $150.00